Historically, patients being considered for an endoscopic procedure have been referred for consultation by the specialist performing the procedure to ensure the indication is appropriate and that the patient is safe to undergo the procedure.

Direct referral for endoscopy for select patients has become more commonplace and is an effective way to ensure certain procedures are performed in a timely fashion. Common referrals include patients who have returned a positive faecal occult blood test who require a colonoscopy or those requiring procedures that may confirm malignancy in other parts of the gastrointestinal tract in order to expedite treatment.

Hunter Gastroenterology has been performing direct access procedures for some time now but this has been on an ad hoc basis rather than as a standard referral process. We have decided we should formalise this process for our referrers to ensure their patients are managed in the safest and most time-effective way. Patients being referred in this manner should satisfy the following criteria:
  • <70 years of age.
  • No significant medical illness that would best be assessed by the proceduralist prior to the procedure. The referral form has a series of questions that will guide the referrer regarding this.

Hunter New England Health also has a formal Open Access referral process for public patients who need a colonoscopy following a positive FOBT result. There is a specific form in use for this, however our form may also be used but should be faxed directly to the hospital fax number rather than our rooms fax number (we have included the fax number on our form).

Please click on the following link for the referral form that may be printed out and faxed to our office. We are working on an electronic version so watch this space...

HGUT Open Access Colonoscopy